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About Us:


Welcome! I'm Kaylee. I grew up in Steamboat Springs and am so thrilled to be back in my home town. Food is a passion in my life, I cook daily for my husband (who is a professional chef) and my daughters Paisley and Millie. I have always enjoyed baking and event planning. I've found that I am gifted in reading people and picking up on their personal style and vision. I think this is a super important skill in creating the perfect wedding cake, cupcakes, and treats for their wedding.. Making custom cakes and cupcakes in Steamboat allows me to experiment with fun and unique flavors as well as design, style and decorations. I am passionate about making my products from the highest quality ingredients. We always use cage free eggs, organic milk, and fresh ingredients and flavors that are in season. Our gluten free cake option is every bit as satisfying as regular cakes and is available in every flavor, by request. I strive to create delicious and boutique cakes and cupcakes that people will know are homemade with love and attention to detail.  


We no longer do birthday or celebration cakes/cupcakes. Please call us today to start creating the perfect treat for your big day! 


*We do not accept last minute orders, everything is custom made to order as we do not have a store front. 

Thank you for visiting our site!

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